Dry Needling…Coming Soon!

I spent this past weekend taking an introductory dry needling class through Intricate Art Spine and Body Solutions. I have had everything from my jaw to the bottom of my feet needled over the last 3 days! I’m so excited to be bringing this therapy in to the clinic once I finish my Advanced Certification in May. I have quite a few more classes left, and I will even be needling the pelvic floor! (Believe it or not, the pelvic floor is one of the most comfortable places to have needled).

What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is a western approach to using thin acupuncture needles. We target unhealthy and painful tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and even the periosteum covering the bone so these tissues can heal. We also target the nervous system. The goal of treatment is to increase the parasympathetic nervous system, decrease the sympathetic overdrive, and decrease inflammation and pain in tissues. What makes my certification different from many other Dry Needling certifications is that first and foremost, we treat the nervous system so the body can naturally heal in the way that the body already knows how.
I look forward to bringing Dry Needling to my clients in May!