Physical Therapy For Your Whole Health

In addition to general orthopedic physical therapy, we offer pelvic health, pregnancy, postpartum, and pilates inspired rehabilitation. We take a holistic, integrated, whole-body approach and draw from many different disciplines to create your treatment plans.

Now offering Dry Needling!

What does a PT treat?

So much! We treat general orthopedic pain/injury and post surgical clients. We also treat tennis elbow, runner’s knee, back pain, plantar fasciitis, and headaches. But we also love to treat people with auto-immune diagnoses, persistent (or “chronic”) pain syndromes, and people with pelvic floor issues. We treat people with IBS, constipation, pain during sex (dyspareunia), vulvodynia, incontinence of bowel or bladder, c-section scar adhesions, etc…

Basically, if you are a human, you have a body, and you have pain, then please visit us! And if you do not have pain but want to improve performance, that is another great reason to visit us!

Integrated Care

Various elements are incorporated into your rehab program.

Pelvic Floor

APTA trained. Dry needling of pelvic floor.


Postural Restoration Institute theory


Barre, Yoga

Movement Impairment Systems


Fascial Mobilization

Including soft cups, tools, body rolling techniques, etc. Use of Dry Needling techniques for trigger points, healing, anti inflammation.

Mind-Body and Vagal Nerve

Meditation, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, and vagal nerve techniques in order to recalibrate your nervous system. Use of Dry Needling techniques for achieving homeostasis of the nervous system.

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Do you accept health insurance ?

No. Blossom Pilates & Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider. We do not bill insurance companies for your treatment. We accept cash, check, HSA/FSA card, and credit card as payment at time of service, and we require a credit card on file in order to book appointments.

How does reimbursement work ?

***Please note: we cannot accept medicare. If you have medicare, please make a clinical pilates appointment, as we are not a medicare provider and therefore cannot provide PT services to medicare-covered clients.***

You will be given an itemized receipt for PT if you would like one.
Prior to your appointment, you can contact your health insurance company to inquire about out-of-network Physical Therapy benefits.

***Clinical Pilates services are not reimbursable by insurance.***

Insurance Worksheet

To better help you understand your insurance benefits, we have put together the following insurance worksheet for you. We cannot guarantee reimbursement for you. All insurance companies and plans are different.

To start, call the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card and ask them some questions:

  • What are my physical therapy benefits?
  • What is my out of network percentage of coverage?
  • Do I have / what is my deductible and how much has been met? (You need to satisfy your deductible before reimbursement.)
  • Do I need a referral from a physician? Does it need to be my primary care provider? (If you do need a referral, you need to make sure you have a copy to send in with your claim.) WA state is a direct access state and this should not be needed if you are local, but it is always best to confirm with your individual plan.
  • Does my policy reimburse for all common physical therapy codes used? Each code is billed at $50 (and down based on package) per unit of 15 minutes; All follow up appointments are typically one hour or 4 units.
    • Therapeutic Exercise 97110
    • Neuromuscular Re-education 97112
    • Manual Therapy 97140
    • Therapeutic Activity 97530

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move and exercise in. Physical Therapy is just that–physical. Expect to move!

Additionally, if you are seeing me for your knee, wearing shorts is helpful, and if elbow or shoulder, a tank top is helpful, so I can see the joints in question and how they move and are in relation with each other.

A changing room is available for use before and after your appointment.


Single Physical Therapy Sessions: $200

Physical Therapy 10-pack: $125 per session, or $1250 for the package.

Packages expire one year after purchase. Due to highly discounted rate of package, refunds on physical therapy packages are not available.