Patient & Client Testimonials

“Dr. Heidi is observant and a careful listener, which is important to me as a seven year shoulder patient with three ortho surgeries under my belt. I feel confident in her Pilates instruction because her skills as a PT remain present in the background—This is a great ‘next step’ after recovery from a reverse total shoulder replacement—Dr. Heidi is knowledgeable about what that entails and has been building the sessions around that specific situation. Highly recommend!”

B H (Google Review)

“I was delighted to have found Heidi: having a Pilates instructor who is also a DPT is such a rare combination. I feel like I am in very safe hands. Heidi always watches my form and suggests adjustments as necessary. Despite having multiple orthopedic issues, Pilates workouts are now fun again, and I can see progress week by week with how my body responds and how I can advance the exercises. I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi – she is able to tailor exercises and give advice for even the most difficult cases while encouraging you to listen to your body.”

C S (Google Review)

“Private Pilates session with Vera is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and great to work with!!”

J E (Google Review)

“Dr. Heidi is a true gem! Her integration of Physical Therapy with Pilates is an absolute game changer in balancing the body appropriately. I’ve talked about my sessions with her to friends who’ve been doing Pilates for years, and they all said they would drive an hour to get that kind of knowledge and guidance! She has been an instrumental part of my personal recovery after injury. My private sessions with her were always adapted to the feedback given and were challenging enough to create lasting change. Thank you for sharing your passions, knowledge and care!”


“In 2018, I was stricken with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). GBS affects the peripheral nervous system. I was completely paralyzed on a ventilator for 4.5 months. After completing hospital rehab, I began working with Heidi as my Physical Therapist.

What I enjoy most about working with Heidi is her ability to tailor her treatment plan to my body’s needs. I had worked with her years earlier in Pilates and trusted she knew my pre-GBS body. She is highly educated, trained, experienced, and certified in both Physical Therapy and Pilates. For me, A PT that is certified in Pilates is the Rolls Royce of therapy.

After 2 years working with Heidi, I am riding my horse, driving, walking one mile and doing many more activities I love. I more than ‘Highly Recommend’ Heidi!”

GBS Survivor